About the Centre

The Naga Lipudi Career, Science and Resource Centre provides a unique and exciting space to empower young people with personal assessment tools to understand their abilities, interests, skills and goals. The Careers by Colour career guidance process is uncomplicated but impactful and results-driven and involves self-assessment, exploration, research, guidance, counselling and career path identification and development.  Naga Lupidi Career, Science and Resource Centre is capacitated, passionate and committed to provide youth of Gauteng with the key building blocks for effective career guidance and to lay the foundation for the development of employability skills, entrepreneurship and personal development.


The Careers by Colour process comprises the following steps:

Step 1

Welcoming by a qualified and experienced career guidance facilitator.

Step 2

Introductory video explaining the career guidance process from a learner’s perspective. The video also deals with questions such as:

What is a career?
How do I choose a career?
How do I ensure that I choose the right subjects?
What if I make a mistake?
Must I work or study or work and study? 

Step 3

Completion of a self-assessment questionnaire to determine individual interest profiles and associated career colour categories.

Step 4

Based on the colour outcome of the profiles learners start interactive career exploration at one of the six career category stations. Career stations are presented in distinctive colours which are associated with the individual career categories.

Step 5

Career research in the resource centre with the options of studying publications or do online research about career requirements, study opportunities, bursaries etc.

Step 6

Career counselling – career path identification development and the provision of practical hands-on information about job hunting, the correct way to conduct a job interview, how to compile a functional CV and resume etc.